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Benefits of Direct Mobile Imaging

  • Online Ordering
  • Online Exam Image Viewing
  • Online Exam Reporting
  • Web Based
  • Immediate Reading by Radiologist/Cardiologist
  • Instant QA High Quality Images with Less Radiation
  • Board Certified Technologist, Sonographers and Nurses
  • DR x-ray machines: use less radiation with instant QA high quality images
  • Certified Technologists, Sonographers and Nurses
  • Board Certified and Licensed Radiologists and Cardiologists thus providing accurate reporting
  • New & State-of-the-Art High-Definition Digital Equipment
  • Monthly Quality Assurance Reporting
  • Radiology Regulation Binder provided for facility survey
  •  Higher Level of Patient Care and Cost Savings
  • Timely Personal Attention and Responsive Service
  • Reduced Travel for Patients
  • Friendly & Caring Service
  • Familiar Surroundings for your Patients
  • Locally Managed and Locally Dispatched
  • Local Billing Department with accurate and timely billing


Most frequent questions and answers

Generally, one service day per month, with six patients per day, is considered reasonable. More patients allow for greater profitability. If there are fewer than four patients in a day, it may be difficult to justify the economics. Much of what determines your breakeven point is determined by the terms of the contract. Structure the relationship so that your breakeven point is modest compared to the number of tests you can perform in a single day, thereby ensuring profitability.

There should be no, or very little, upfront costs for mobile imaging. The whole purpose of mobile imaging is to provide a practice with an imaging solution without the initial capital and overhead expenditures. The provider you choose should be responsible for the credentialing, accreditation, equipment, staffing, supplies, HIPAA compliance, billing and coding support.

Direct Mobile Imaging hires only qualified nuclear medicine technologists who are certified by NMTCB or ARRT(N) and certified cardiovascular technicians. We provide references and license verification for each of our personnel. These highly technical professionals also undergo a thorough screening process. They integrate themselves with your practice and procedures to become an asset and contribute to the overall success of your business.

The honest answer is that it will vary. The cost of your mobile imaging service should be structured in such a way that every service day results in a profit for your practice. The level of profitability will depend upon the unique needs of your practice: your clinical volume, the frequency of service days, the studies you perform and your office location. The margin between your set mobile imaging cost and the fee billed to payers will allow you to calculate your profitability in advance.