Direct Mobile Imaging Services

We offer all of our diagnostic services in the mobile setting so that physicians have choices for their patients with their comfort and convenience in mind. Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve better patient satisfaction by better serving your patients with easier access to diagnostic digital imaging and faster access to images and reports of the studies that you order.


Provide 100% full-body, digital and wireless x-ray examinations. The x-ray image(s) are immediately available for viewing online at the conclusion of the examination. The examination is sent immediately from the patient’s bedside through a secure internet connection to the radiologist or cardiologist for immediate resulting. The results are available within minutes online and are faxed to the facility as well. X-ray images are provided on a CD for ortho appointments.


Provide 100% full-body, digital and wireless ultrasound examinations. Common ultrasound studies include: vascular, arterial, carotid, pelvic, abdominal, small body parts, etc. Within minutes of the study, we quickly diagnose if your patient has a DVT, blockage, etc. so your patient’s physician may immediately provide the necessary treatment.


Perform a 12-lead EKG with computerized preliminary diagnosis; cardiologist’s report follows. Our technologist will leave an original copy of the EKG study with the facility nursing staff for the attending physician.


Provide 2D echocardiography with color-flow, digital and wireless ultrasound examinations. This service can provide excellent images of the heart, para cardiac structures, and the great vessels. We deliver state-of-the-art echocardiography services to your patient’s bedside.

PICC Vascular Insertion Services

We provide Pressure Injectable PICC (Power PICC), PICC and Midline placement. For most patients, PICC lines are simply the safest method to deliver infusion therapy. For others a PICC avoids the risk of an invasive surgical procedure required to place a long-term central catheter. PICCs avoid the pain and injury involved in repeated punctures with short peripheral catheters. Very cost effective.